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About us

Dear friends,
welcome to the web-page of Martin Skoblík’s Ceramic Studio.
… our history…
The studio is operated by Martin Skoblík, who grew up with ceramics. In his family contact with clay, glazes, and environment supporting artistic realization of ideas was an everyday reality.
After the Velvet revolution he began helping in his father’s studio, and after an unsuccessful study at the First Faculty of Medicine he studied ceramics, and settled with this craft for good. In August 2002 floods damaged his father’s studio on Karlín square. Due to the lot speculations in this part of Prague, the future of the studio was uncertain. Search for a new studio site, should the need for it arise, began. At that time the Prague 6 council invited applications for a lease of non-residential space on the corner of Sukova and Charlese DeGaulla streets. The project of the studio was successful in the tender.
The ceramic studio began with a challenging reconstruction of an original “socialist” grocery store between 2003 and 2005. The time period of the reconstruction shows that it was a “long-distance race”, because the house is in a listed part of Prague 6 – Dejvice. It was therefore necessary to respect the Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments requirements regarding e.g. the show-windows replacement and the entrance disposition of the new ceramics studio.

High ceilings in the studio space enabled the in-building of a wooden loft which divided the space into a working area and background and office area. The working area includes a glaze room also accommodating the kiln, a space with potter’s wheels, and a space for hand-building. Large show-windows offer a view into all the working areas, therefore any onlooker can watch the whole process from the street without disturbing anybody.